CSR Consultancy Services

Complete Solution For CSR Activities for Companies/ Corporates/ Institutions/ Foundations
Techniche Imunita appreciates your responsibility towards society and contributes by meticulous assistance. We provide you with

Corporate Social Responsibility Consulting

for the underprivileged sectors of our society by providing complete service for CSR activities. We work with you to device considering, monitoring and evaluate the CSR activity action plan. We help you integrate CSR with shared value community goals creating a win-win situation for both community and company.

Our experts strategically and meaningfully utilize the budget for purposes in which the welfare of the community and company is achieved simultaneously. We assist you in identifying synergistically favorable activities leading to the betterment of your organization and community, thereby investing funds pragmatically.

How Do We Work

Why Choose Techniche Imunita as your
Corporate Social Responsibility Consultancy?

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Consulting team recommends organizing interactive workshops for employees' engagement in CSR activities, which creates a sense of belonging towards society. Strategic planning for the effective functioning of foundations associated with corporate is suggested so that CSR activities are constructive for the parent company.

Our research-based analysis helps you identify the key community issue and defines your solution-based CSR activity harnessing maximum benefit and generating social impact. Based on your defined CSR activities, we identify NGO partners in executing the entire program. We can engage in the capacity building of your already existing CSR team.

Our team handles the content creation for all your CSR initiatives branding across social, blogs, website, and print media. An impact report is generated after successful program execution, which is essential for qualitative and quantitative estimation of social impact.

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