By looking at the problems faced by healthcare organization while working closely with them, the need of digitalization is can be helpful. Working on the problems, leads to the development of solution with an idea to help healthcare organization to streamline their work and become more focused. Techniche Imunita Pvt Ltd (TIPL) has an in-house IT team with impeccable talent & experience in the development of software in hand with expert doctors & proficient hospital management consultants, altogether comprising a team of Software Development.

ERP hospital management system

developed by TIPL considers the problems of the Indian healthcare sector and covers all the problem areas in managing the hospital. TIPL has an affordable range of software that can be used by corporate hospitals, chains of hospitals, small healthcare providers, and clinics. It is possible to integrate all the departments in a hospital.


A ERP software system for hospitals

A ERP software system for hospitals, which will help you in streamlining hospitals operations from all the possible departments, with a unique feature inbound to that.

Why eSankalan?

Innovative Hospital Management Software

Covers key Functions of Hospital Operations & Management

Based on IRDA & NABH standards

Leading Company deals in Healthcare Management Software Solutions & Utilities


सर्वे संतु अनामय:

A 360° Corporate Wellness Package

Anamay ensures healthy employees which are significant for any business set up to flourish and prosper. We offer pragmatic solutions to the health problems faced by your employees across gender and age groups. Anamay helps you to take informed health decisions

Why Anamay?

Individual Assessment

(Pathological Tests, Diagnostic Tests, etc)

Occupational Ergonomics Health Management

(Inspection related to Existing Work Culture)

Individual Consultation

(Counseling with Respect to Health Condition)

Emergency Health Management

(Training & Seminars related to Emergency Situations)