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eSankalan” Hospital Management Software: A Legal Shield for Doctors

Hospital Information Management System/software (HMIS) is a widely growing technology that has eased the hospital process by managing, controlling, and storing hospital documents. HMIS has also provided legal aid to the hospitals by all-time availability and proper storage of the patient data. eSankalan is one of the best cloud-based software that provides an end-to-end solution for hospitals. It is designed and developed by professionals from engineering, and healthcare backgrounds, keeping in mind all the legal requirements and issues faced by the hospitals.

Under section 24A of the Consumer Protection Act 1986 and Limitation Act 1963, it is advised to maintain the records for the outpatient department for 2 years and records for surgical cases and inpatient records for 3 years while medico-legal documents till the cases are legally closed. However, Consumer Protection Act allows for condoning the delay in some of the appropriate cases. It is important to note that a case for medical negligence for a paediatric patient can be filed by the child after he has acquired the age of majority, which means that the records may be needed even after 3 years. Storing patient files in paper format with utmost safety and security is one of the most challenging tasks for hospitals. Confidentiality is an important component in the rights of the patient and it is very difficult to maintain confidentiality as the documents are stored in the paper format. If the patient finds any breach of confidentiality by any of the hospital staff, the patient can claim negligence against the hospital.

Document management is one of the most crucial activities in the hospitals and can land the hospital into legal disputes if mismanaged. According to Medical Council Of India Guidelines On Medical Records, it is mentioned in section (Section 1.3.2) & (Section 1.3.4) that Request for medical records by a patient or authorized attendant should be acknowledged and issued within 72 hours while Efforts should be made to computerize medical records for quick retrieval of data.

It is observed that many doctors facing legal issues are having a hard time due to lack of proof and incomplete, damaged, or lost documents. Doctors have also fallen prey to false accusations and failed to prove their innocence due to insufficient evidence. eSankalan has been developed in a manner where the hospital is provided with complete and accurate data of every patient wherever or whenever required. It makes sure that the hospital data is stored with utmost security with complete and accurate information of the patient.

eSankalan endeavors to protect the hospitals and healthcare workers against wrongful accusations and legal issues by the means of a proper document management process.