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Potential Areas For CSR Activity In Healthcare Sector

According to World Health Organization, nearly 20% of diseases world population resides in India. Due to rising population government funds are insufficient for handling the disease burden. There is dire need of CSR initiatives in the healthcare sector for infrastructure development, information technology support, accessible treatment and preventive health care. CSR funding will assist in bridging the existing gap between demand and supply in the healthcare sector and generate deep social impact.

Currently, the CSR initiatives in the healthcare sector are restricted to generating awareness, donating equipment or ambulances to hospitals. But such initiatives lack social impact and are projects with short-term utility. Healthcare experts believe that CSR funding should be targeted in areas which are of utmost societal need and envisioned for a longer period of time. Companies can begin with their own employee’s health and wellness programs by adopting internal and external health initiatives as a part of CSR strategies in healthcare. Internal activities such as employee’s wellness program are beneficial as these activities are fundamental for improving the mental and physical health of the workforce. This enables development of positive and healthy working environment which generates increased efficiency.

Preventive care is the area overlooked for CSR initiatives. Health checkups are organized as a part of CSR activities but such initiatives fail to generate an impact as they lack periodic assessment pattern. Health camps are organized for mass populations where it is impossible for doctors to consider factors apart from laboratory tests and diagnostics for evaluating the risk factor for life-threatening diseases in a particular individual. Preventive care strategy also encourages health awareness and brings a change in societal mindset for adopting measures to remain healthy. Experts believe that such changes even though are difficult to be absorbed in the system but once rooted will have transformational benefits.

Technology development initiatives seem to gain focus by CSR activities. Web-based portals for accessible healthcare are increasing with CSR funding. One such CSR activity of CISCO Company aims at enhancing technology based accessible healthcare system. Cisco has enabled local medical providers, governments, and specialty hospitals to collaborate using technologies which can improve efficiency and increase the accessibility to care in remote locations. Virtual networks helped to connect rural patients with urban hospitals and doctors making healthcare accessible.

According to CSR activity experts’ corporates have focused on certain areas of healthcare as part of CSR and they continue to invest in them. Less than 20 percent of corporates have a vision towards holistic healthcare. Companies envision CSR activity as a chance to progress therefore the execution must be prudent enough to reap benefits. Collaborating with right agencies and selecting appropriate thrust area for activity are necessary steps for successful CSR activity.

In order to have impactful CSR activities, it is essential to know the needs of the community and accordingly design revolutionary solutions. At Techniche Imunita our team of experts prioritizes in understanding the kind of activity the company is interested in implementing and design impactful strategy based on societal need.