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Increasing Sudden death count in young adults in India

India has witnessed several sudden death incidents in the current post covid period. Several people took to social media concerning rising heart attacks in young and apparently fit people. Be it a bride who fainted and died suddenly at her reception or a young man who died due to a heart attack while walking, many videos have gone viral in the last 6 months. Some of the leading cardiologists stated that these sudden deaths could be an effect of long-term COVID in some cases while some suggest that this might be due to certain underlying undiagnosed heart diseases which have aggravated due to the current post covid situation. Most sudden cardiac deaths are usually noticed in older adults, particularly those with heart disease, yet the leading cause of death in young athletes is due to sudden cardiac arrest. Some of the reports suggest that about 1 in 50,000 to 1 in 80,000 young athletes die of sudden cardiac death each year. Some cardiologists even suggested that people must stop unaccustomed heavy exercise regimes to avoid such incidents.

In one case the boy was seen dancing on simple garba steps before collapsing, in another incident, a bus driver had a cardiac arrest while driving a bus, other incident showed a man in a temple who bowed down to worship god and never got up, while other incident showed a 23-year-old girl die of cardiac arrest while dancing in a reception ceremony, Every incident has created a huge impact on the minds of the youngsters in India. Some experts have stated that these sudden deaths are due to long-term covid while some stated that these incidents might be a result of undiagnosed heart disease.

Some of the leading reasons for sudden cardiac death are said to be due to cardiac diseases, followed by pneumonia, pancreatitis, and peritonitis. A few of the cardiac conditions causing sudden deaths are undiagnosed heart conditions, faulty electrical signaling, thickened heart muscles, heart rhythm disorders, blunt chest injury, and sudden cardiac death. In the current scenario, it was observed that people who died did not have any prominent symptoms like pain, or discomfort before dying. Sudden cardiac death is a condition where the heart stops functioning without any warning.

It is observed that these types of incidents usually cause an environment of fear in society but are usually forgotten with time. If these incidents go unnoticed, they can cause a huge impact on the future of our country, as today’s youths are the pillars of the future India. People are confused about what is causing such incidents and how can these be prevented. It’s time that our government should focus on cardiac health and find out the causative factors for such incidents in the youths and educate our youths about the preventive measures and the importance of a healthy lifestyle.