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Excess Vitamins can lead to….?

Hypervitaminosis is a condition of abnormally high storage levels of vitamins, which can lead to toxic symptoms. Vitamins are taken excessively in present generation as a quick source of antioxidants. Inactive lifestyle, improper diet draws the individual to vitamin supplements, people overlook that a fair eating regimen without vitamins input gives every one of the supplements we require. In some cases is it prescribed to fortify an item that fulfills the requirements of nutrients.

Studies have shown that overdose of vitamin intake may be harmful with unwanted consequences to our health.

Some of the causes are as follows,

Overdose of vitamin-A

  • Your skin to crack, peel and itch. It also leads to bone pain, birth defects, miscarriages, damages your liver, and causes fluid to accumulate in your brain, which can prove fatal

Overdose of vitamin-D

  • Increases the amount of calcium in your blood, which can lead to calcium deposits in tissues throughout your body. It also removes calcium from your bones, causing bone damage.

Overdose of vitamin-E

  • Excessively thin your blood, increasing the risk of internal bleeding. Taking high doses of vitamin E supplements might increase the risk of death from cardiovascular disease

Overdose of vitamin-C and B-Complex

  • Large doses of vitamin B-3 supplements can damage your liver and lead to a burning sensation in your skin, while too much vitamin B-6 can cause nerve damage over time. Excess amounts of vitamin B-9 don't cause symptoms directly, but they can hide the early signs of a vitamin B-12 deficiency

Vitaminosis, lack or abuse?

Nowadays attention is often drawn to the importance of vitamins, and many food products are promoted under the slogan: "Enriched with Vitamins", so that we attribute to these substances a value that, if justified, in many times it is excessive.

The vitamins are substances that the body requires for its normal development. The lack or excess of these, caused by a deficient diet or abuse of food supplements, can generate diseases known generically as vitaminosis.