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Step-By-Step Process for Seeking NABH Accreditation

NABH stands for National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare. It provides accreditation to Healthcare organizations after thorough quality checks of institutions. According to NABH accreditation consultant, NABH accreditation is extremely important to healthcare organizations and benefits by:

  • Granting them quality check approval for their healthcare as per global standards.
  • Healthcare institutions earn global recognition.
  • Accredited hospitals garner patient trust.
  • It keeps tabs on the hospital’s operations, standardization, and facility costs.

So, here is a step-by-step guide to the registration process to make this task simpler for you. Let's get into it right away!

  1. Implement the standards:

    First, a healthcare organization must have a clear idea of NABH standards. Next, the organization must run an internal assessment or audit to measure its standards and figure out action plans to standardize the hospital's operations as per the set standard of accreditation. Finally, you will need to train your staff, maintain documentation, etc. while adjusting everything to fit these new standards.

  2. Submission of the application:

    Next, the healthcare institution applies for accreditation. It must be noted that the application is submitted on behalf of the entire hospital and not just individual departments. Therefore it is recommended to apply only after crosschecking with internal audits. Next, pay the application fee and wait for the ID number.

  3. Get Scheduled:
  4. You will be communicated to schedule and facilitate assessment. The assessment will be held in multiple steps in which a principal assessor will assess all criteria and submit a report and recommendations to the accreditation authority. The assessments will be held in the following steps

    • Document review
    • Functional interview
      • Leadership interview.
      • Infection control interview.
      • Management of information/ patient records interview.
      • Staff qualification and education interview.
    • Visit patient care areas and selected department
    • Facility tour
    • Special interview/ issue resolution
  5. Certification:

    After reaching your objectives and meeting all the requirements, you will have your accreditation. If the legal requirements, standards in healthcare industries, and other aspects are in place, you will have the certificate with your unique number and specific validity date.

  6. For surviving and thriving shoulder-to-shoulder in this sector, NABH accreditation is an absolute must. Contact the NABH accreditation consultants at Imunita for assistance with any queries.