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How “eSankalan” A Hospital Management software has made the Accreditation process effortless for the hospitals

“eSankalan” is a Cloud-based Software widely known to be one of the best Hospital Management software in today’s market. It has benefited hospitals by providing a user-friendly interface along with small modules that effortlessly maintain complete and accurate data. It has considered the problem statement of several clinics, multi-specialty, super-specialty, and general hospitals and hence is considered as one of the most convenient software today.

eSankalan is a software solution that offers creative and technology solutions for hybrid domains all over the globe. It is innovative & easy to use best hospital management software that covers all important key functions of Hospital Operations & Management based on IRDA & NABH standards making it an IRDA-compliant tool.

Hospitals usually face challenges in the process of achieving accreditation. It was observed that many organizations have given up the accreditation process in between due to mismanagement and overload of documentation. eSankalan has resolved this issue by auto-filling the registers and minimizing the workload of the hospital.

It is time now that the hospitals should accept the positive changes in the healthcare sector and move forward towards digitalization. Here are some important benefits that eSankalan delivers to the hospitals for a smooth and effortless accreditation process.

    1. NABH Complied Documentation
    2. Insights for Research and Development
    3. Paper free Documentation
    4. Accurate and Complete documentation
    5. Safe storage of MLC documents
    6. 100% Secured Data
    7. Automated Registers Entries
    8. Error-free Documentation
    9. Enhanced Staff Performance
    10. Easy Duty Handover Process
    11. Patient Satisfaction
    12. Effortless Billing Process
    13. Systematic Insurance Process