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How “eSankalan” A Hospital Management software has made the Accreditation process effortless for the hospitals

Healthcare industry is growing tremendously from the last few years. Hospitals are moving towards new approach of quality improvement with prompt diagnosis and better care for the patients. Hospital management software (HMS) has decreased the workload of the hospitals by providing different means to ease the work process of the hospital staff.

As Hospitals are slowly inclining towards digitalization, the traffic of hospital management software has increased rapidly. It is observed that many doctors are facing problems in choosing the right software for their hospitals as market is filled with different kinds of software. Choosing the right software on the first hand is essential as wrong choice can lead to loss of money and time

Hospitals usually face challenges in the process of achieving accreditation. It was observed that many organizations have given up the accreditation process in between due to mismanagement and overload of documentation. eSankalan has resolved this issue by auto-filling the registers and minimizing the workload of the hospital.

Features required for different industries differ and hence it is important to maintain certain parameters when buying a software for hospitals. Here are some of the essential features that must be considered when buying a Hospital Management Software.

    1. User Friendly

      It is very important to select a software that has a user friendly interface. When selecting a software the user needs to carefully check the features and its complexity before buying.

    2. Cloud Based Software

      Choosing a cloud based software would be one of the wisest decision you make. Having a cloud based software allows you to access data from anywhere

    3. Auto Backup Data

      Having a software that provides an auto backup is boon in today’s busy world. Having an auto backup would definitely decrease the work load on the humans.

    4. Data Safety

      Data safety is one of the major concern in all the industries. It is very important to select a software with strong data safety features.

    5. All time availability of data

      Having access to data from your authorized device from anywhere would be one of the most needed feature in a software.

    6. Easy and Accurate Documentation

      Hospitals are considered as one of the busiest sectors hence it is expected that the Hospital Management software used should have ease in the documentation process as complete and accurate data is mandatory for the hospitals. Having a demo of the software before buying it would be a wise decision.

    7. Automatic Updating of Registers

      Filling up of a large number of registers is one of the most tiring tasks in hospitals. Hence having a software that has a feature to autofill the registers would be comforting for the hospital staff.

    8. Customizable Additional Features

      A software that can be customizable would mostly be recommended.

    9. Minimal Downtime

      Long Downtime of software might hamper the performance of the hospital. It is would be very inconvenient for the employees if the system remains down for a longer time causing overburden of work hence it is very important to choose a software with minimal downtime.

    10. Hospital Digitalization

      It’s the right time to switch your hospital from conventional paper work to digital documentation. Digitalizing your hospital would ease the human efforts resulting in increased profitability